Manno, 16 March 2017 - In line with the Philippines’ increasing engagement with Switzerland and the Philippine Embassy, Berne’s economic diplomacy efforts and desire to widen its business network,  Philippine Ambassador to Switzerland Joselito A. Jimeno met with Ms. Georgia Tarchini-Gygax, Managing Director of Tarchini Group, a Swiss business company boasting almost 40 years of experience in the history of design, administration and management of various industrial, real estate and commercial projects,  including Fox Town Factory Stores.


Tarchini 2


Ambassador Jimeno briefed Ms. Tarchini on the various economic opportunities in the Philippines, particularly in relation to retail merchandising and real estate business. He also informed her of the incentives that free port areas offer to foreign investors and the growing appetite of Filipino consumers for luxury brands, which the Tarchini Group’s Fox Town Factory Stores specialize in.


“With its economy continuing to grow and inflation being kept uncheck, the Philippines’ high-income segment is driving the growing market for luxury products,” explained Ambassador Jimeno.


Apart from promoting the country as a new market for luxury goods, Ambassador Jimeno also made a pitch for the Philippines increasingly becoming as Asia’s franchise hub. He also mentioned that the Philippine Franchising Association (PFA) is planning to do a roadshow in Switzerland this year, and explored the possibility of cooperating with the Tarchini Group in bringing the group to Ticino. END