Project:  Installation of electro-mechanical automatic swing gates for driveway as well as for clients/visitors, located at side-road/street of the Embassy

The Philippine Embassy invites bids for the installation of electro-mechanical swing gates for driveway as well as for clients/ visitors, located at side-road street of the Embassy, Justingerweg

Budget Contract Price: USD 34,000.00/ Php 1,728.560.00

Target Completion of Project: December 2017



1Installation of electro-mechanical automatic swing gates for driveway as well as for clients/visitors, located at side-road/street of the Embassy, Juntingerweg (please see photo 1).
  • ·    The height of the swing gate is up to max. 2000 mm/1.8 meters.  Its wing width is from 1000 mm   to max. 4000 mm.  Its wing's weight is max. 400 kg.  These grid fence gates with fillings as well their surface must be identical to the existing gates.
  • ·   The driveway will be adjusted up to 3 meters to flatten its elevated area to enable the electronic gates to open inwardly.  The excavation includes trenches for the installation of underground electric cable wiring for both driveway and small entrance gates, as well as for the intercom.
  • ·    The electronic gates will be operated by remote controls and will open inwardly into the premises with holding time of 30 to 180 seconds after activation.  The remote controls provide emergency release from the inside of the drive, whether the gate is closed or not.
  • ·    Note: The use of a light barrier is required for pulse control without a view of the gate or when the automatic supply is activated.  For the planning of swing gate systems, the maximum gate leaf fillings must be checked. An electric lock is required for partial fillers.
  • ·    An electric lock is recommended from a door leaf width of 1500 mm. Design with heating for use in extreme cold areas up to -35 degree C.
2.  Conversion of the old garden door, located at the main road of Kirchenfeldstrasse (please see photo 2), into automatic swing gate and installation of new door hinges and locks. 
  • ·         The automatic swing gate will serve as the main entrance door for clients and visitors of the Embassy.  
  • ·         A voice intercom system with a door bell will also be installed.  It will be operated by remote controls. The Embassy does not want to buy a new gate as the old one is still durable. It just requires new door hinges, locks and new paints.
  • ·         The winning COMPANY should comply with the Jardin Suisse of the City of Berne region regulations on the installation of entrance gates located at the front of the main road.
  • ·         The garden stones currently on the pathways of the proposed entrance gate will be removed and flattened. 
  • ·         Concrete blocks will then be installed as passage platforms.

3. The services should include the installation of the aforementioned gates, labour, electrical works, excavation, and an authority from the City of Berne to convert the small garden gate as client entrance gate in front of the main road and other related services. 



Interested bidders are required to submit the following in a sealed envelope to the Embassy c/o BAC Secretariat:

            1.  Name and Profile of the Company, business permit

            2.  Descriptions of the works to be undertaken

            3.  Duration of the works: indicate commencement and completion dates

            4.  Final quotation or bid amount

Interested bidders may schedule a visit with Ms. Kathleen Llarena/ Ms. Maria Gina Magsumbol through the address and telephone number indicated below from Monday to Friday, except on holidays, between 09:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.:

Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)

Philippine Embassy

Kirchenfeldstrasse 73-75, 3005 Berne

Contact No.: 031-350 17 17

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Berne PE

29 November 2017